Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bollywood Update: Is Agneepath Sequel being planned?

Sequel for Agneepath? Director Karan Malhotra, who is enjoying suceess of Agneepath, is now in two minds about what to do next. While earlier right after the release of Agneepath,  Malhotra completely rejected the idea of a sequel, but now he is in two minds. However, Rishi Kapoor n Sanjay Dutt have gained strong response in the movie. But they are now dead in the movie. Even Priyanka is dead. Due to all this, director is confused how to bring them back in the movie.  Even, Producer Karan Johar who was against movie sequels, is also not opposed to the idea of Agneepath 2. He is currently working on Dostana 2. Director Malhotra is now planning to go on holiday break with his wife and will do a serious rethinking on the remake and the way how to bring the characters back in the movie.

Sports Update: Gambhir Slams Dhoni For Being a Show Pony!

Sports Update: After winning match against Australia, Gautam Gambhir slammed Dhoni for “being a show pony” and “unnecessarily glamorising easy victories”. 

Despite Dhoni scored 13 runs in the final over. According to team-mates, Gambhir was happy with his man-of-the-match performance, despite missing his century, But after he read article on cricinfo, the headline was ‘Ice-cool Dhoni downs Australia.’ After reading that, Gambhir flung his bat across the dressing room onto a sleeping Duncan Fletcher and screamed, “Bhains ki aankh!”. “What the hell is this, yaar! I did all the hard work. I negotiated the toughest period of play, tackled seaming deliveries when the ball was new and make a fighting 90 in the toughest of conditions. Along comes this guy, needlessly makes an easy win difficult and hits a fluke six in the last over. And everyone is singing his praises? This is not on!”

Bollywood Update: Saif Ali Khan Arrested For Assaulting a Businessman

Saif Ali Khan was arrested for assaulting a South African NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma . However, he was released on bail after sometime. 

Saif assaulted Sharma in the Taj Mahal Hotel around 1 a.m. Iqbal Sharma said that Saif Ali Khan called him an "idiot". Saif was there in the hotel with Kareena, Amrita Arora and Malaika Arora Khan. Iqbal just requested the restaurant manager to ask Saif and their friends to keep their voices down.

Acoeding to Iqbal, when he along with his family was moving to different part of the restaurant, Saif met them and called him an idiot and asked 'Do you know who I am?'" According to Iqbal, Saif pushed him and assaulted his father-in-law who then fell on the stairs.